Senior Public Relations Consultants Launch New Global Network

Posted on February 29, 2012 by Grupp Global

InfiniteLatitude™ Offers Strategic Thinking, Global Reach,
Without the Cost of Traditional Agency Groups

Grupp Global Partners LLC is a Founding Member

NEW YORK, March 5, 2012 – A new global network of senior, independent public relations consultants, InfiniteLatitude®, is offering clients access to strategic communications internationally, without the cost often associated with retaining traditional agencies.

Launching this week, InfiniteLatitude connects 24 corporate communications professionals in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, India, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, China and Ecuador, with the aim to expand further over time. Each InfiniteLatitude professional has a minimum of 15, some up to 30 years of experience. Several members previously have held top in-house management positions. All members operate from boutique shops and often collaborate virtually.

The global network is focused primarily on subsidiaries of major multinationals and small to mid-sized firms. The alliance provides an efficient yet high-quality gateway to international corporate communication. This ability to consistently deliver cross-border business communications strategically and professionally provided the foundation for the branded name InfiniteLatitude.

The network was initiated by Ulrich Gartner, a veteran in international public relations and founder of Gartner Communications in Frankfurt, Germany.

“There is unmet demand from clients who must communicate internationally in a strategic manner, yet are put off by the costs typically required to retain any of the large network agencies”, Gartner said. “By working with InfiniteLatitude, those companies get access to very senior professionals with outstanding skills and experience, without having to fund extensive infrastructure and administration as well.”

Robert Grupp, principal at Grupp Global Partners LLC and a founding member of InfiniteLatitude, added, “This new global network provides trans-national organizations with easy access to on-the-ground expertise in all the major regions of the world. Professionals in this network are experienced working internationally with global companies yet understand local conditions and requirements. As an InfiniteLatitude member, Grupp Global Partners can increase our international reach and contribute local market knowledge to clients.”

Gartner says that the idea of InfiniteLatitude®, launched via the social networking site LinkedIn in late 2011, immediately attracted the interest of senior consultants around the globe, with backgrounds ranging from leading communications teams at multinational companies to advising top elected officials. The launch now allows interested clients to access high-quality services across continents and time zones at very competitive rates.

About InfiniteLatitude

InfiniteLatitude founder Ulrich Gartner is a veteran in international PR who spent most of his career in top management positions in-house, before launching Gartner Communications in Frankfurt.

The global, virtual InfiniteLatitude agency evolved during the fall of 2011, when Gartner used social media outlet LinkedIn to sample the level of interest among public relations pros around the world.

A thorough qualification process brought together 24 highly motivated individuals who form the core of InfiniteLatitude today, covering 14 markets on 5 continents. The network members cooperate closely to build processes and create a joint offer by using tools such as online cooperation platforms and Skype conferences.

More information about InfiniteLatitude, its members, and how to contact alliance partners is available at their Website,

About Grupp Global Partners 

Grupp Global Partners LLC is a management consultancy specializing in corporate communication and public relations. Its strategic guidance assists clients in developing high-yield relationships with key influencers, engaging constituencies and building communities across multiple communications platforms, geographies and cultures. The firm provides access to a unique global network of experts in public relations and marketing communications, brand and creative specialists, business people as well as former diplomats, trade negotiators, journalists and intelligence officers. More information is available at

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