Grupp Global Partners LLC works with a team of international specialists with expertise in all the major markets of the world. Our partners are public relations and marketing specialists, brand builders, artists, designers and business people as well as former diplomats, trade negotiators, journalists and intelligence officers.

Our approach is interactive and, in many cases, virtual. We work closely with our clients to analyze the opportunity or problem, develop the strategy, assess the tools available to the client, and execute – all in close coordination with the client.

We recommend the services of proven partners who we have come to know and trust working together as Grupp Global Partners.


TrueNorth Strategies LLC is a public relations consultancy focused on corporations, businesses, community organizations, and individual professionals who want to build successful long-term relationships with customers, constituents, opinion leaders, and other key influencers.

The skills and experience that Stephanie Smith acquired while working at a very senior level in our nation’s intelligence community enable her to analyze issues quickly and accurately and devise strategies that are both actionable and effective. She is expert at guiding organizations that are communicating publicly about tough issues – always taking a 360-degree view to gauge sentiment and plan next steps. Her credentials are unique, and her collaboration and guidance have been indispensable to me as I build teams to serve clients and launch initiatives in the United States and other regions or the world.

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Is an award-winning brand communications design firm headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with a client roster that includes Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries — names like Allergan, Fluor, Disney-ABC and Qualcomm. Baker offers proven methodologies and expertise in brand strategy and development, corporate and investor communications, employer brand and employee engagement, and marketing communications. Baker’s work is designed to enhance corporate reputation and value, and most importantly, tell an inspiring and original story across multiple media at every stage of a company’s lifecycle — from launch to maturity.